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Express audit

Assess your digital transformation progress and identify areas that may require further improvement

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Data Analytics
and Insights

Transform the way you use data

Customer expectations and demands are on the rise and staying ahead of the competition is increasingly difficult.

Analysing numerous reports can be time-consuming and challenging to recognise actionable information.

Technology is being increasingly called upon to help make faster, more informed decisions, to ensure organisational success and a premium customer experience is delivered.

Data is the “new oil.” Introducing the right Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI can reap benefits across your business. Power BI transforms your data into real-time dashboards, visualisations and insights that focus on key metrics. Smarter and faster decisions can be made around cost savings, increased customer satisfaction, and improved organisational efficiency, making sure you are one step ahead of the competition.

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The implementation of data analytics has grown from 17% to 59% in just 3 years.

Benefits of Data, Analytics & Insights

Data Analytics tools such as Power BI, turn your data into interactive visualisations that provide actionable business information. This will help you:

Control How Your Data is Accessed, Used & Packaged

Create Reports Faster, More Accurately & Securely

Increase Engagement & Customer Satisfaction

Make Better Decisions & Increase Your Competitive Advantage

Improve Operational Efficiency & Productivity

How We Do It


Review your existing data, business outcomes and KPI's to inform the right Data Strategy for your unique business


Collaboratively design a robust technology solution that is fit for purpose, uses the best tools to reach your objectives and is easy to communicate throughout your organisation


Prototype and test the designed solution, learn early to reduce risk, and ensure the solution meets expectations and are aligned to your business goals and objectives


Implement a high quality solution that delivers key insights accurately, securely and reliably


Manage your solution and measure your business is on track, execute your business goals and objectives and make adjustments as needed

See how we helped GHD Advisory strengthen their customer acquisition and retention strategy through Data Analytics.

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