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Development and Integration

Create modern and innovative digital experiences for unique areas of your business with custom software development and application integration

Custom Software

For over 27 years, we have successfully developed and implemented custom software solutions for forward-thinking organisations, with a focus on capturing the uniqueness of each company we work with. Our multi-disciplinary team are genuinely passionate about technology and how it is transforming the world and the way we work. At Solentive, we immerse ourselves in the latest tech trends, tools, and products so we can find the best solution for your business. We rethink the traditional ways of doing things. Our custom software offering can be thought of as a continuum, with one end being pure custom and the other end being pure product. We discover where you sit on this continuum and use our skills and expertise to develop the winning solution for your organisation.


Systems Integration encourages cross-application communication and streamlines business processes, so they work seamlessly and flawlessly together. Integrating your existing internal systems, will increase productivity and efficiency across your workforce, mitigates the need for duplicate processes and frees up your team to work on more critical, value-adding tasks. Whether the system is for internal or external use, users will have an improved experience with your brand, boosting satisfaction and building upon your organisation’s credibility. At Solentive, we focus on the outcomes you are trying to achieve. We have experience across a broad range of technologies that enables us to integrate with a broad variety of systems.

App Development
and Web Development

It is now more important than ever to be accessible on-the-go. Solentive’s mobile app development services, will empower your workforce to be highly productive whilst out on the field and provide them with a more streamlined user experience. We want users and customers to love interacting with your application, and our specialised UX consultants are on hand to provide design expertise and functionality recommendations that make your app aesthetically impressive, intuitive, and easy-to-use.

Legacy Systems Upgrade
and Migration

At some stage or another, all legacy systems will need to be modernised to keep pace with the evolving world of technology and to ensure that you do not fall behind your competition. Software/Application Modernisation is a constant journey that requires proactivity and innovation. With over 27 years of experience, we understand that it is not always necessary to start from scratch. The Solentive process begins with a Modernisation assessment, a crucial step in understanding your existing solutions and assessing the options available to you, marrying them to your overall business goals. Software Modernisation will provide your organisation with a unique competitive advantage, while reducing costs and increasing revenue.

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