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Express audit

Assess your digital transformation progress and identify areas that may require further improvement

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Custom Software

Modern software development for forward thinking organisations

Modernise your systems and capture the uniqueness of your business in a fully supported custom software application.

Custom software development that is unique to your business will differentiate your organisation in the marketplace.

For over 27 years, we have worked with forward-thinking organisations to help them determine when and where to use custom software.

Custom Software offers great flexibility, and you can integrate it with your existing systems. Perhaps the biggest reason and benefit for custom software, is the power it adds to one of the most valuable assets of a business – Intellectual Property. A custom solution is created especially for you, and you own the IP rights. This means you have more control over, and confidence in, the future of your system and your organisation.

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A custom software solution can increase profit margins for your organisation over the life of its use.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

A software system tailored to your company’s specific needs, will mean the difference between offering a commoditised service or a highly differentiated one at a more profitable price. If you are considering a custom solution, here are a number of ways custom software can benefit your business:

Add Intellectual Property to your Organisation

Increase Your Competitive Advantage

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Increase Agility & Flexibility

Provide More Tailored Customer Experience

How We Do It


Conduct a Vision exercise to identify and define the right solution to the right problem, including user stories, solution architecture and wireframes


Iterative development of the solution. You will have visibility to progress through our Client Portal and weekly reports. High quality code management through configuration management, continuous integration and automated builds


Iterative preview and elaboration at the end of each sprint enabling you to review progress and provide feedback into the development cycle, helping guide internal change management and expectations


Independent and dedicated Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) completed at the end of each cycle to ensure quality. A User Acceptance Testing (UAT) period to help you verify your solution has been implemented correctly


Support and maintenance services that help you transition and safeguard you into the future

See how we helped JJ Richards digitise their end-to-end route tracking process, creating a competitive advantage and increasing efficiencies.

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