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Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Enhance customer relationships with Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Is your customer data spread across multiple systems? 

Does updating your customer details become a mammoth task spanning multiple departments? 

Would you like to have a single view of your customers – their interactions, transactions and potential purchases?

With Dynamics 365, you can centralise your customer data and:

  • Empower your Sales team with information they need to close, upsell and cross-sell to your customers

  • Enable your Marketing team to personally target your customers and increase conversion rates

  • Give your Customer Service team access to customer information to resolve issues quickly

Benefits of Dynamics 365 (CRM):

Our local, experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants will provide you guidance and advice to:

Empower Your Sales Team to Close, Upsell & Cross-sell to your Customers

Enriched Data & Deeper Insights

Improve Security & Data Management

Reduce Costs & Increase Profits

Provide More Tailored Customer Experience

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How We Do It


Through collaborative workshops, we will gain an understanding of your specific business requirements, such as the data you need to manage and the outcomes you want to achieve


Assess your existing systems and make recommendations on how they can be integrated with Dynamics 365


Through truly understanding your business, we will detemine the best deployment option for you, considering in particular security, connectivity and storage needs


Our Microsoft Dynamics experts will configure the solution to meet your specific requirements. We will optimise the flexibility available, and customise forms and fields, adding new workflows and rules and integrating with other systems and tools


Solentive will provide clear and concise training to your users to ensure company-wide adoption. Ongoing support services are also available

See how the implementation of Dynamics 365 (CRM) maximised efficiency for Premium China Funds


Who we’ve helped with Dynamics 365


Everlight Radiology (formerly Imaging Partners Online) provide complementary services to existing hospital imaging departments.  Everlight Radiology’s team of doctors assess scans sent from hospitals and provide comprehensive reports to hospital imaging departments.

Everlight Radiology came to Solentive wanting to implement Dynamics 365.  They wanted a better way to manage relationships with their clients, track their sales pipeline and forecast revenue.

Our Dynamics 365 consultants initially configured Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Everlight Radiology.  Using the Dynamics 365 customisation tools, our consultants customised the system to include:

  • Custom workflow to manage Everlight Radiology’s entire sales pipleline of 13 stages

  • Trigger points along the sales pipeline to gather information from sales staff in order to identify trends

  • Ability to forecast revenue per client through a custom built entity, workflows and business rules

  • Custom views to alert sales staff of customers whose contract is due for renewal

The customisation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 enabled Everlight Radiology to centralise client information, track activities and interactions with their clients, better manage their sales pipeline and forecast revenue per client.

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