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Microsoft SharePoint
Consulting & Development

We provide SharePoint consulting and development to help clients take full advantage of SharePoint and continue to benefit from additional SharePoint functionality with each upgrade.

Whether you already have SharePoint and want to improve it, are looking to roll-out SharePoint or upgrade your current SharePoint instance, we can help.

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Benefits of
Microsoft SharePoint

Our local, experienced  consultants will provide you guidance and advice to:

Centralise Your Templates & Documents for Easy Access

Enable Seamless Communication & Collaboration

Improve Security & Data Management

Increase Engagement & Customer Satisfaction

Improve Operational Efficiency & Productivity

How We Do It


Customise and configure your current SharePoint system and ensure you are taking full advantage of the pre-built functionality


Roll-out a SharePoint intranet quickly and increase collaboration organisation-wide


Enforce better control and security of your documents by taking advantage of the pre-built document management functionality within SharePoint


Audit your current SharePoint system and highlight areas for potential improvement


Extend your SharePoint system with an integrated custom developed application that is unique to your business

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Simply leave a request, and we'll find the solution you need

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