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Express audit

Assess your digital transformation progress and identify areas that may require further improvement

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Transform your Business with a tailored Digital Strategy

Customers are demanding more, competition is increasing and differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult.

Outdated legacy systems and processes, high costs and an inconsistent customer experience are often the barrier to success.

New innovative ideas can be difficult to implement and where to start can be a daunting and difficult process.

Innovative Technology, defined and implemented correctly can help solve many business problems.

Solentive takes a Functional, Technical and Commercial view to all engagements with our clients. When formulating a Digital Technology Strategy for our clients, we consider their overall Technology Journey and their Digital Maturity across Customer, People and Systems.

We help you from Strategy to Execution.

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Research shows 80% of respondents from digitally mature organisations strongly believe their workplace environments are collaborative, compared to 34% in low-maturity entities.

Benefits of a Correct Digital Strategy

The correct Digital Strategy can help your business:

Reduce Risk and Costs by making the Right Investments

Improve Insights and Make Better Decisions

Increase Employee Experience, Productivity, and Efficiency

Keep Pace with Changing Customer Expectations

Leverage Transformation as a Competitive Advantage

How We Do It


We work with you to understand your overall business context, strategy and current state, to ensure your Digital Strategy is aligned to your Organisational Strategy & Digital Maturity Journey


Define your future state with a clear & prioritised Digital Strategy Roadmap to enable you to get the most from your Technology spend and determine the right capabilities and resources to guarantee success


Set your implementation up for success with project scoping including a clear solution architecture, user stories, wireframes and prototyping


Successfully integrate new technologies into your business & encourage a culture of innovation. As your CTO on demand we can provide ongoing assistance and oversight of your Digital Transformation process and Strategic Roadmap implementation including governance, vendor management, process optimisation, change management, communications, and capability building

See how we helped Key Assets improve care outcomes through a consolidated Digital Strategy.

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