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Delight customers and improve business outcomes with explainable, AI-powered automation.

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The InRule AI Decisioning Platform brings together a singular combination of three dynamic, no-code automation capabilities: decisioning, machine learning and process automation.

Since 2008, Solentive has been the exclusive distributor of InRule in the APAC region.


Explainable, AI-Powered Intelligence Automation

InRule Technology enables enterprises to rapidly innovate, delight customers and improve business outcomes – without code. 


Decide confidently. No-code decision automation empowers business users to create, test and deploy complex business rules and logic.

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Make better predictions by knowing more. Machine learning provides valuable insights to plan effectively and action immediately.


Do things right, automatically. Digital process automation performs tedious, detailed, error-prone functions flawlessly, at scale.


InRule Decisioning empowers non-technical users to author, test, deploy and manage complex decision logic, without using code, nor burdening IT.

Introducing Alfie, InRule’s New AI Assistant

Line of business subject matter experts and IT team members alike can leverage responses from generative AI models, like those from Open AI, to jump-start the framework (schema) for automated decisions. From that point, it’s easy to modify and customise the suggested schema to expedite the deployment of automated decisions for greater consistency and an enhanced customer experience.


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InRule helps make automation accessible, by simplifying the integration of data science and predictive logic with decision automation. 

Increase Profit

Due to greater rules sophistication

Elevate Customer Experience

Provide customers with more accurate processes and greater insights into their needs

Reduce Costs

Save money on both implementing and maintaining your business rules

Increase Transparency & Agility

Have confidence in your automated decisions and keep up with the speed of business

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"InRule has proven to be a great decision. Aside from providing a better rules development experience (compared to our previous rules engine) the runtime has been stellar. We also have a reliable partner in Solentive, something that was lacking earlier."

Adrian Falcao
Enterprise Design Architect

Recognised by top analyst firms

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Forrester Consulting study revealed a customer ROI of 421% for InRule’s AI decisioning platform.


​IDC's latest report: How to Revolutionise the Decision-Making Process, Improve Outcomes Through Automation, and Prepare for Future Trends

How We Do It


Solentive can provide you with an overview of platform's features and capabilities, including its rule engine, decision management, data analytics, process automation and machine learning. The demo can include a live walk-through of the tool and demonstrate how the platform can automate the decision-making processes within your organisation


An Proof of Concept can be provided by Solentive’s InRule specialists to validate the platform can meet your requirements. This typically includes the creation of a sample application that demonstrates how the platform can be used to solve your specific Use Cases and automate a decision-making process. The PoC also includes an evaluation of the platform's functionality, performance, and scalability to determine that it meets your requirements


This phase of an InRule implementation involves collaboration with Solentive to install and configure the platform through best practice implementation practices. We partner with you on deployment processes, security, infrastructure, architecture and data relevant to rule authoring, designing the rule schema and architecture, and building a foundational rule set as a basis for best practice for ongoing rule authoring


Solentive ensure you have our full support when your environment goes into production. We conduct handover training to empower and upskill your team in rule authoring so you have full confidence in rule management whilst knowing you have local support from our team if needed


Solentive provide ongoing support for many of our InRule customers which typically includes the provision of regular Rule Reviews and Health Checks, rules management, workshops on digital maturity and strategy, technology reviews, and the integration of data, analytics, insights, machine learning, and explainable AI

Interested in seeing how InRule Decisioning, Process Automation and Machine Learning can help your organisation?

We’d love to show you!

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