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Express audit

Assess your digital transformation progress and identify areas that may require further improvement

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Legacy Systems Upgrade
and Migration

Project Modernisation to revive your current systems

We provide legacy system upgrades (project recovery services) for organisations looking to remediate their current systems for increased performance.

Has your business outgrown your legacy software applications? 

Do you need to enhance your system with additional functionality as your business grows?

Are your systems operating in silos without the ability to communicate? 

Is your software development project going off-track?

Perhaps your business is in need of project recovery.

We help clients revitalise systems that are not meeting their needs. Whether through additional custom functionality or integration of siloed systems, our experienced software professionals will provide a practical solution.

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88% of IT leaders agree that modernised IT systems are critical to meet emerging digital business demands.

Benefits of Software Modernisation

Some of the key benefits of Legacy System Upgrade are:

Improve Security & Data Management

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Reduce Costs & Increase Profits

Increase Agility & Flexibility

Provide More Tailored Customer Experience

How We Do It


Identification of problem areas within the current system and potential areas for improvement


Design a remediation strategy to get the system from where it is now to where it needs to be


Provide advice and guidance on integration points with other business systems


Implement a high quality, secure solution that empowers you to meet your business goals


Offer support and recommend enhancements of the system to cater for changing business requirements

See how we helped Re.Group promote and contribute to the vision of a wasteless society through Legacy System Upgrades.

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