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Express audit

Assess your digital transformation progress and identify areas that may require further improvement

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Modern Workplace

Future-proof your collaboration tools, technology, and infrastructure

The traditional way of work has changed, and employees now expect to be able to work securely from anywhere, on any device.  

Improving your internal productivity tools and technology, enhances the processes experienced by your workforce. 

Introducing automation and improving efficiencies saves your workforce time and makes their lives easier, meaning they are happier and more likely to stay with your organisation.  

Moving to the Modern Workplace gives your entire workforce a voice, enables collaboration & creativity, and improves access to work resources whilst focusing on security.

Solentive has been in business for over 27 years, and we have been providing Modern Workplace services long before they became mainstream. Our proven experience will ensure that your transition to the Modern Workplace will be a smooth one. 

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Moving to the Modern Workplace enables flexibility. Research shows, that 77% of employees believe flexible working encourages increased productivity.

Benefits of moving to the Modern Workplace

Moving to the Modern Workplace has many benefits. Some of the key benefits are:

Lay The Foundation for Digital Transformation

Improve Employee Productivity & Satisfaction

Enable Seamless Communication & Collaboration

Improve Security & Data Management

Reduce Costs & Increase Profits

How We Do It


Assess your existing workplace setup, such as available resources, existing tools and technologies, and identify the strengths and weaknesses across each area


Develop a strategy and roadmap that will address your challenges and empower you to meet your business goals. Devise a project plan that will list the activities that turn your vision into reality


Roll out the modern workplace systems and tools company-wide guided by the project plan, and follow change management best practices


Provide training to users to ensure company-wide adoption, and manage the employee experience by transparent communication and expectation management


Define clear goals and measurable objectives to gain insight into the performance of the modern workplace environment. Provide recommendations to maximise the outcomes of the modern wokplace

See how we helped Key Assets Australia improve collaboration, communication, and security by moving to the Modern Workplace.

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