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InRule Decisioning  empowers non-technical users to easily author, test, deploy and manage complex decision logic.

AI-powered Decisioning:
Automate decisions and manage business rules without coding

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The InRule AI Decisioning platform puts the power of decision automation directly in the hands of business subject matter experts. Business users can respond quickly to changes in policy, calculations & business rules, improving speed to change and providing transparency & centralisation of business rules & processes across the organisation.

Up to 80%

creating rules and automated decisions​


A return on investment

An 60% reduction
in time spent 

modifying existing decisions and  rules


Author decisions up to 10 times faster than hard-coded logic

InRule's Low code platform features:


Author Studio for Decision Automation


Process Studio for Process Automation


ML Studio for Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning


Schema Generator for Data Modelling with Generative AI

InRule’s AI decisioning platform enables organisations to predict decide and process rules faster, cheaper and more accurately.

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Improve Speed
to Market

Ensure the right decisions are made by tracking steps & outcomes, using past data to make future decisions.  

Centralise & Standardise

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Bring all decisions and processes into a one location for visibility, accountability, alignment, and reuse.


Gather & Predict Insights 

Respond to market changes with your updated decisions and processes within hours, not days.


Focus on Priorities

By freeing them from repetitive rule creation tasks, your IT team can focus on more critical projects.


Learn faster using artificial intelligence

Use generative AI to create data models with plain language.

Robust, Reliable and Scalable 

Trusted by Governments and Enterprises throughout Australia and around the world.


Data privacy and security

InRule offers a secure SaaS platform hosted on Microsoft Azure within Australia, backed by industry-leading ISO 27001 certifications.


Fast data integrations and onboarding

Quickly integrate InRule with Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, and other SQL-based servers.

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Explore InRule's capabilities in-depth with a self-guided product tour

AI-powered Decisioning:

Leverage the power of AI to automate intelligent choices based on your unique business rules.

Business Rules Engine:

Easily define, manage, and modify business logic without writing a single line of code.

Rapid Decision Automation:

Streamline workflows and decision-making processes for immediate impact.

InRule’s Generative AI assistant streamlines the deployment of automated decisions. Alfie allows you to create and modify schemas, workflows, and more through a simple chat.


Trusted by Australian Leaders:
InRule's Powerful Business Rules Engine


InRule is the business rules engine of choice for many of Australia's largest organisations across banking, insurance, healthcare, and government sectors.
This widespread adoption is a testament to InRule's ability to automate complex decision-making processes effectively.

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InRule has proven to be a great decision. Aside from providing a better rules development experience (compared to our previous rules engine) the runtime has been stellar.

We also have a reliable partner in Solentive, something that was lacking earlier

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Free Personalised Demo

AI-powered Decisioning:


Leverage the power of AI to automate intelligent choices based on your unique business rules.

Business Rules Engine:

Easily define, manage, and modify business logic without writing a single line of code.

Rapid Decision Automation:

Streamline workflows and decision-making processes for immediate impact.



Author, Test, Deploy and Manage Complex Logic

InRule empowers non-technical users to create, test and deploy decision logic quickly and easily, using a variety of methods, including business language and decision tables. No code required; only business expertise.

SMEs can even write a language of their own. Our unique vocabulary feature enables users to create business-specific, plain-language phrases to represent expressions, unique functions, complex equations or complete ML models to easily, and elegantly author decision logic for any application.


Gain Greater Value from Existing Investments

The InRule platform integrates effectively with popular workflows like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Salesforce. Business users can access powerful automation tools directly in their current environment.


IT staff can complete advanced tasks such as connecting legacy systems and creating custom applications through a handy SDK with multiple out-the-box tools.

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Image by Scott Graham


Speed Decisions Through Reduced Latency

InRule supports adaptive multi-threaded execution to maximise throughput and reduce latency. Deliver the best customer and user experiences and ensure completion of decisioning processes by eliminating excessive response times.


IT engineers enjoy complete design flexibility with support for multiple development platforms, including Java, .NET and .NET Core. Applications can run in-process as native JavaScript, in an offline mobile application, AWS Lambda function or on an edge device.


Launch and Host Decisioning In the Cloud, On-Prem or Both

Launch and Host Decisioning In the Cloud,
On-Prem or BothFrom cloud platforms to on-site servers, InRule offers deployment and hosting options to meet each customer’s needs.

Whether opting for the control of on-premises hosting, leveraging the flexibility and scalability of the cloud or employing a hybrid approach, the choice is yours.

The InRule Intelligence Automation Platform offers fully automated provisioning, deployment and management with high availability and elasticity features out of the box. Delivery is HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 compliant. 

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Improve Decisioning and

Simulation at Scale

Organisations that leverage Spark, Snowflake, Mongo DB, MS SQL Server, and other widely deployed databases can leverage InRule batch processing to accelerate the delivery of actionable business intelligence from the ever-growing data repositories buried within these systems. InRule can streamline the processing of this data and optimise the delivery of actionable insights to enhance business outcomes.

Beyond adding value in production environments, enterprises can leverage this capability within development environments to simulate outcomes based on rule changes.


From A/B testing, to champion/challenger scenarios, and dashboard analyses, InRule makes it easy to understand the impact logic modifications can have on outcomes and results before deploying them to a production environment.


Ignite Operations with High-Octane Intelligence

InRule empowers automation effectiveness through easy access to realtime metrics. Track field values, execution frequency, evaluated criteria and decisioning results. Adjust rules to improve outcomes and adapt to changing market conditions and buying cycles.


Keep positive feedback loops running strong. Trigger alerts notify when specified KPIs are reached, enabling business stakeholders to continuously review, retool and relaunch ever-more-refined decision logic.

Recognised by top analyst firms

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Forrester Consulting study revealed a customer ROI of 421% for InRule’s AI decisioning platform.


​IDC's latest report: How to Revolutionise the Decision-Making Process, Improve Outcomes Through Automation, and Prepare for Future Trends

Get started easily

The InRule AI Decisioning Platform brings together a singular combination of three dynamic, no-code automation capabilities: decisioning, machine learning and process automation.

Since 2008, Solentive has been the exclusive distributor of InRule in the APAC region.

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