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Discover how InRule can empower your organisation's AI decision-making.

IDC Spotlight-Decision Intelligence as the New Killer App

According to research firm IDC, “Decision intelligence is the missing piece of an organization’s technology stack, giving users the insights they need to make the best decisions with the best possible outcomes. This technology will change how information is synthesized, insights are developed, and decisions are made at scale.”


Download the report and discover:

  • IDC’s decision intelligence framework and how it improves enterprise decisioning;

  • The three types of decisions in an organisation and how automation can play a role in enhancing outcomes;

  • Trends on the horizon that will shape the future of automated decisioning within an organisation.

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Explainable, AI-Powered Intelligence Automation

InRule Technology enables enterprises to rapidly innovate, delight customers and improve business outcomes – without code. 


Decide confidently. No-code decision automation empowers business users to create, test and deploy complex business rules and logic.

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Make better predictions by knowing more. Machine learning provides valuable insights to plan effectively and action immediately.


Do things right, automatically. Digital process automation performs tedious, detailed, error-prone functions flawlessly, at scale.

Since 2008, Solentive has been the exclusive distributor of InRule in the APAC region.

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