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Big Red Group

Customer Acquisition through high-end User Experience

"Solentive resources were provided, and they behaved like "one of us" straight away, working out what needed to be done and getting it done quickly. The cultural fit was effortless, and they became part of the family; breaking our hearts a little when they left."

Brett Raven
Chief Information Officer


  • Big Red Group (BRG) wanted to upgrade their aging website to support increased competition and changing customer expectations

  • Acquisition of new product lines had left BRG with a number of disparate systems that needed consolidation

  • Their complex business model required significant customisation and in-depth development

  • BRG sought to consolidate their existing solutions and processes onto the Salesforce platform

JJ Richards.png


  • A collaborative team of Solentive and BRG resources worked together, to design and build the new “Red Balloon” website via the Salesforce eCommerce platform

  • Custom software development and Commerce Cloud configuration were combined, to intelligently integrate with BRG’s current environment

  • BRG was able to leverage Solentive’s multi-disciplinary skills and experience, to supplement those of their existing team to get faster results


  • The new website creates a more cohesive customer journey, which improves customer experience and increased mobile conversions by 15%

  • The new, scalable eCommerce platform provided immediate performance improvements

  • The modern platform will support future growth and is the first milestone in BRG’s technology innovation roadmap

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