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GHD Advisory
Data Analytics

Enabling GHD Advisory to provide improved customer experience through Data Analytics


  • GHD Advisory, a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading professional services organisations (GHD), provide several unique reports to enable clients to track services and outcomes

  • The current reporting structure was disjointed, and reports existed across several different technology platforms

  • GHD wanted to meet their clients’ ever-increasing expectations & demands, and provide a one-stop portal for customer reporting

  • They sought to provide their clients with more enriched data insights, helping them to improve their decision making and offering improved customer experience

  • GHD wanted to gain an advantage and become leaders in an overly competitive field

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  • Collaborating with the team at GHD Advisory, the solution combines custom software and Tableau; with a view to extending the solution to other reporting platforms in future phases

  • The new solution seamlessly integrates into GHD’s existing reporting portal

  • A web app was developed on Azure, that provides richer, more relevant reports to its users

  • The app connects HighQ and Tableau, GHD’s existing, disparate systems, by providing secure, single-sign-on and seamlessly generates reports dependent on the user and permissions


  • Solentive worked with GHD to design a front-end data analytics portal that ingested data from multiple sources

  • Customers can now access data via a Single-Sign-On (SSO) process, and have improved visibility of reports across solutions

  • A more cohesive User Experience has strengthened GHD’s customer acquisition and retention strategy

  • The ability to offer enriched insights & visualisations to clients, has empowered them to make more informed and better business decisions

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