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InRule transformed HCF’s claims process and drastically reduced organisational costs

"InRule has proven to be a great decision. Aside from providing a better rules development experience (compared to our previous rules engine) the runtime has been stellar. We also have a reliable partner in Solentive, something that was lacking earlier."

Adrian Falcao
Enterprise Design Architect


  • HCF sought to modernise their current systems and reduce reliance on third-party products and vendors

  • They wanted to implement a mature .NET based Business Rules Engine (BRE) to reduce the complications on their claims landscape and allow faster changes to better serve their members

  • Their existing Java-based BRE was cumbersome, including:

    • Time & effort to set up the environment for authoring

    • Authoring learning curve was high, taking a long time for users to become proficient

    • Authoring required a dedicated technical author, as authoring language was very code heavy

    • Difficult to extract rule logic to modify rules

JJ Richards.png


  • HCF chose InRule as their choice of BRE to replace their existing solution, as their current solution was difficult to modify and implement new rules

  • InRule was recognised as the solution that best fits HCF’s existing .NET technical stack

  • HCF initially transitioned the Ancillary Claims component to InRule, which then extended to their Hospital Claims

  • Their internal IT & BA teams were trained to author the rules alongside Solentive’s InRule consultants, enabling HCF to take ownership of the system

  • Solentive continues to partner with HCF as part of their contingency plan, and all work is thoroughly documented ensuring corporate memory is not lost


  • Faster cycle for changes and speed to market

  • Eliminated the reliance on third parties to manage their BRE

  • Technology is future-proofed and can handle a large influx of claims

  • Corporate Memory Redundancy plan is in place

  • Lower ongoing IT costs to manage their rules

  • Reduced time and effort to implement changes

  • Fast transition to InRule from their existing BRE

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