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JJ Richards
Custom Software Development

Software Development revolutionised service delivery for JJ Richards; improving processes and reducing operational costs

"j-Track has revolutionised our business. Not only has it given us the insight into the collection runs and location of our assets, but it has also allowed us to take that information and improve processes that have seen a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity. Staff and customer satisfaction has also increased significantly."

Matthew Schoemaker


  • JJ Richards sought to keep pace with the ever-changing expectations and needs of their customers

  • They were looking for a way to differentiate from their competitors via exceptional service delivery

  • Inefficiencies with their manual, paper-based process was time consuming, inhibiting their customer experience and needed to be addressed

  • JJ Richards wanted to increase productivity by resolving problems of double-handling data, inefficient routing, and delays in problem resolution and troubleshooting

  • They wanted to develop a solution that all employees could easily use, including casual and untrained staff

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  • j-Track automates the collection run for JJ Richards’ drivers and improves management visibility, making route mapping, tracking and issue management more effective

  • The j-Track solution included an in-vehicle console, an operations application, and a dedicated j-Track server

  • The solution was built using .NET Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), .NET Web Services, GPS connecting to COM ports and Video Capturing


  • An end-to-end in-truck vehicle tracking solution was designed, to streamline their service delivery process and make route management, tracking and reporting easy for their drivers, improving overall operations

  • The implementation of the j-Track platform enabled JJ Richards to transform their operations and improve management visibility across their service delivery process

  • Drivers were empowered to be more efficient; issues could be resolved more quickly, and monitoring day-to-day operations could occur in real-time

  • Customers received improved service delivery time and accurate pick-ups

  • By optimising routes using data and tracking, JJ Richards was empowered to utilise their data to make better decisions

  • With improved efficiency, JJ Richards reduced overall costs and increased employee & customer satisfaction

  • The j-Track platform enabled JJ Richards to get an immediate return, by assisting them to win a 7-year Council agreement across 5 regions

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