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Key Assets
Digital Strategy

Improving care outcomes for Key Assets through a consolidated Digital Strategy


  • Key Assets Australia (KAA), a leading children and family service provider, has experienced continued growth since starting in Australia in 2007 

  • KAA initially came to Solentive relating to the evaluation, review, and procurement of a new Case Management System (CMS) 

  • KAA wanted to develop a solution that was flexible, adaptable and had a longevity of at least 10+ years 

  • The key impacts KAA were facing were: 

    • Disparate, non-integrated systems impacting governance 

    • Inconsistent user experience due to customisation in each state/region 

    • Limitations due to a lack of functionality 

    • Security risks due to unmet data and regulatory compliances

    • Productivity and efficiency issues due to clunky, time consuming systems and workflows  

  • KAA sought recommendations from a trusted partner, in defining selection criteria and running the vendor management and selection process to complete the CMS project 

  • In parallel, KAA needed assistance moving off their legacy infrastructure 

  • Their legacy system was no longer fit-for-purpose, and needed to be consolidated from multiple file shares 

  • As a result of the above, Key Assets Australia sought to find a dedicated, strategic technology partner, to define and create a digital strategy for them to ensure success moving forward 

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  • Solentive kicked-off the initial engagement by conducting a thorough technical review of the existing solution, including technical documentation, source code, infrastructure, security, deployment processes and integration points. By doing so, Solentive gained a comprehensive understanding of the existing technology stack, identified potential risks, and limitations, and documented their findings to help KAA make informed decisions about next steps

  • During phase two, collaborative workshops between KAA and Solentive were held to define business requirements, generate innovative ideas, and develop a project vision. Screen design concepts were provided, as well as proposed architecture & design, prioritised user stories and a developed roadmap

  • To ensure compliance with contracts, legislations, and policies KAA had a duty of meeting, Solentive conducted a compliance audit, which informed the development of the new system

  • Solentive also assisted KAA in the product and vendor selection process, from developing selection criteria, issuing an RFI, shortlisting and assessing vendor responses and validating the complete end-to-end solution

  • An infrastructure migration roadmap was developed to transition KAA from Citrix to Microsoft 365, which was identified as the best option for KAA. Solentive also recommended best practice implementation of the Modern Workplace, such as using SharePoint and Microsoft Teams to secure and centralise files and improve communication company-wide

  • Most recently, Solentive and KAA collaborated on a Digital Strategy project, which involved an assessment of KAA’s current state, a SWOT analysis, developing a business canvas, defining business goals, and identifying strengths and weaknesses in technology. Solentive provided valuable outputs, including alignment on strategic technology goals, a clear vision and roadmap for technology use in KAA, the correct prioritisation of digital technology spend, and a strategic oversight of cybersecurity, technology architecture and implementation


  • KAA have successfully completed their migration from the Citrix environment to the M365 platform 

  • Security and compliance risks have been reduced due to the implementation of up-to-date security, back-ups, and improved processes 

  • Improved collaboration and communication across the KAA workforce with the implementation of Modern Workplace tools such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint 

  • Through an in-depth and successful product & vendor assessment process and Solentive’s validation, a fit-for-purpose Case Management System was delivered, which gives KAA a competitive advantage and allows them to keep pace with changing customer expectations 

  • KAA have capitalised on technology, integration, and automation, to streamline their processes and improve productivity and efficiency across their organisation  

  • KAA are empowered to leverage their data to improve reporting, gain deeper insights and better plan for the future 

  • KAA and Solentive have established a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with aligned values and goals which will ensure success for KAA into the future  

  • KAA now have a foundation for future growth and new opportunities 

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