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Key Assets
Digital Strategy

Improving care outcomes for Key Assets through a consolidated Digital Strategy


  • Key Assets, a leading Family & Foster Services company, have experienced continued growth since starting in Australia in 2007

  • Key Assets were seeking a digital strategy partner, who embraces the latest technologies, to provide strategic guidance and ensure the success of their transformation project

  • Having grown through evolution, Key Assets had several different instances of their care management solution, an out-of-date CITRIX infrastructure, and were experiencing issues with productivity, ease of access to data to make informed decisions, and a lack of flexible systems that could support their additional future service offerings

  • Key Assets sought to consolidate their existing, disparate systems into a streamlined staff experience, reducing manual work arounds, and increasing information sharing & communication

  • They wanted a consistent solution across Australian operations, that is scalable, extendable, and capable of handling future changes


  • A deep technical review was first conducted, to understand the current systems, assess source code quality and understand the infrastructure and deployment processes

  • A compliance audit was also undertaken, to identify compliance requirements and assess Key Assets’ current systems against this benchmark

  • This process identified significant risk areas and Solentive proposed a new system architecture and remediation plan

  • Collaborative ideation workshops were conducted to identify, define and document Key Assets’ strategic goals, functional and commercial requirements

  • Via a combination of custom and off-the-shelf solutions, Solentive recommended a fit-for-purpose solution to suit Key Assets’ unique needs, and improve their overall ability to deliver improved care outcomes to clients


  • Key Assets have successfully migrated from their CITRIX environment to the Microsoft 365 platform

  • Security and compliance risks have been reduced due to the implementation of up-to-date security, back-ups and improved processes

  • Solentive has recommended a consolidated technology stack, and is currently assisting Key Assets with a vendor assessment process to select a fit-for-purpose Case and Carer Management solution

  • Once the right product selection has been finalised, Solentive will provide Key Assets with an end-to-end solution, including integration and reporting services to ensure a seamless result for Key Assets

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