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Key Assets
Modern Workplace

Improved collaboration, communication and security for Key Assets, by moving to the Modern Workplace


  • Key Assets Australia (KAA), a leading children and family service provider, has experienced continued growth since starting in Australia in 2007, and embarked on a full Digital Transformation journey with Solentive

  • One major phase of this transformation was migrating to the Cloud, from Citrix to Microsoft 365

  • Key Assets found their existing system quite rigid, and felt forced into conforming to the “traditional” IT way of doing things

  • The remote server which all their virtual desktops connected to was managed by a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the UK, which raised challenges for the Australia-based Key Assets team

  • The existing system was not very user-friendly when it came to remote / mobile work

  • Key Assets staff had low user satisfaction and were left feeling confused – the existing system required staff to launch two desktops which functioned differently

  • Key Assets struggled with a lack of collaboration and co-authoring, as their systems were all disconnected

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  • A deep technical review was first completed, to understand the existing systems and how they interact with each other

  • Microsoft 365 was identified as the best option for Key Assets; with the major advantages being it would get them off-prem and mitigate the issues around using an offshore Managed Service Provider (MSP)

  • Solentive recommended best practice SharePoint implementation, so all files are secured, and Key Assets employees can conveniently access them from any device

  • Teams was implemented as the primary communications platform, allowing staff to text, chat, share documents, co-author documents, voice call, video call and access SharePoint in a seamless and frictionless way

  • Due to Microsoft 365 being centrally managed, the internal Key Assets IT team was empowered to be more productive and efficient in their roles, and manage the modern cloud-based setup

  • The need for manual syncing and back-ups was removed, allowing employees to focus on more important tasks around their core business


  • Moving to the Modern Workplace has empowered Key Assets employees. The nature of work has changed, and they can now work securely, from anywhere, on any device

  • Introducing tools such as Microsoft Teams has increased collaboration and communication across the Key Assets workforce; they no longer need to use phone calls and video conferencing to connect

  • User satisfaction has increased, and Key Assets now have a much more unified way of working together

  • The headache around security, data protection and malware risks has been removed, due to the implementation of Microsoft 365

  • Key Assets are well on their way in reducing their ongoing IT costs because they no longer need to pay for servers, extra disc space and back-ups

  • Key Assets business processes have been streamlined, meaning staff can log in and go!

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