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Legacy Systems Upgrade

Empowering Medianet to transform their customer experience and provide a feature-rich system to their clients, via Legacy System Upgrade

"You can't do everything yourself... as much as you'd like to. That's why #partnerships matter!! Even if you have the capabilities or capacity to develop and roll out a massive piece of work in-house, #specialisation matters!! That's why we were super excited to partner with Solentive for the design and development of Medianet's new platform. The partnership approach and working with a specialist allowed us to deliver the first phase on time and on budget. Yes, you read that right... a software development project that was on time and on budget!!"

Amrita Sidhu
Managing Director


  • Medianet’s vision is to optimise and simplify media relations via their online press release platform, that connects journalists to their clients’ stories

  • Their legacy platform, had evolved and was a combination of different technologies that lacked integration and flexibility and provided a disjointed customer experience that was not able to adapt and scale to support Medianet’s business objectives

  • As a media company with a profitable business model, investment in the previously successful IT system, which had been fit-for-purpose for many years, was not the preference 

  • As a result  of their own success; the huge growth in the use of their platform meant more users and therefore more pressure on the technology. This was exacerbated by the changing digital landscape, as customers had ever-increasing expectations of the features and usability of modern web and mobile apps

  • Security was a risk for Medianet, as the old system was outdated and no longer abreast of the latest trends

  • With all the challenges above, the system was no longer fit-for-purpose and was in need of Reimagining

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  • Amrita Sidhu, Medianet’s Managing Director envisioned an innovative new Communications Platform, that will deliver Medianet into the newest era of technology

  • Medianet conceptualised a platform with an additional intention of putting their customers in the driver’s seat, from account creation, to inviting users, crafting press releases and upgrading plans; empowering the customer to be in complete control of their media communications

  • The innovative solution combined custom software to support a unique customer journey combined with leading Software-as-a-Serivce (SaaS) products to ensure a cost-effective solution – a winning combination for Medianet

  • Expert custom software development skills were focused on the most valuable and unique intellectual property aspects of the solution, and innovative SaaS products used to fulfill industry standard requirements such as CRM, billing and email

  • Medianet and Solentive took a collaborative and holistic approach to the overall architecture of the system and workflow. Medianet were proactive in their involvement in sprint reviews, daily stand ups, scope management, and extensive testing


  • A new scalable, unique, and innovative solution was delivered, on-time and within budget

  • The new solution delivered a competitive advantage for Medianet, with a platform that is built for the future

  • The delivered platform provides a delightful user experience which surpasses any other platforms available in their market

  • Unique intellectual property opportunities were maximised, using innovative technology and the skilled development team at Solentive

  • Due to the hybrid Custom Software & Off-the-Shelf Products approach, Medianet were able to save costs and maximise their return on investment (ROI) 

  • The collaborative partnership between Medianet and Solentive ensured alignment throughout the project and the end result, exceeded customer expectations

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