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Improved efficiency & accuracy through the implementation of ExactDocs

"Over the years, NOAH has tried to implement other template management systems but always encountered issues with complicated set-up, incomplete functionality and sacrifices we had to make to our preferred formatting. ExactDocs, by contrast, deliver exactly as promised. The administrative and QA burden on preparing reports has been significantly reduced, freeing up our small team to focus on core business. I would highly recommend ExactDocs to any business looking to improve organisational efficiency."

Sam Ekanayake


  • NOAH is one of Australia’s long established consulting firms in the field of Federal Government Innovation Programs, and as such, produce an extensive amount of documentation for each of their clients

  • Their documentation process was time consuming, and NOAH wanted a product to automate this process across the organisation to save time

  • The reduction in manual workload would also reduce the chance of human error when producing reports, eliminating the risks associated with using uncompliant or out-of-date versions of their templates

JJ Richards.png


  • NOAH chose ExactDocs as their intelligent document automation, generation and template management system, with the aim of taking back control of their documents

  • Through collaborative workshops, templates were consolidated, structures were streamlined, and variables defined, to provide NOAH with a best practice document management framework

  • Solentive assisted NOAH with the bulk upload of templates onto the ExactDocs platform, and held training sessions to ensure adoption of the system across the organisation

  • NOAH are empowered to easily maintain their document templates, with continued support available from Solentive on-demand and as required


  • Time to produce documentation has decreased, due to the centralised location of data, the elimination of manual processes and improved organisational efficiency

  • Up-to-date, compliant documents are now available anytime, anywhere, eliminating the risk of non-compliance and errors

  • An intuitive and easy-to-use solution has resulted in widespread adoption of the platform, ensuring consistent, accurate and brand-aligned document generation across the organisation

  • ExactDocs is integrated with NOAH’s SharePoint environment, ensuring adherence to NOAH’s document management processes

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