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Systems Integration

Improved communication through Systems Integration, enabling OPSTAR to realise their mission statement – to save lives in peril; anywhere, anytime


  • Specialising in Aviation Operational Support, Emergency Response and Critical Infrastructure Security; OPSTAR were using multiple applications to monitor search and rescue missions, some of which were cloud-based, while others were on-premise only

  • OPSTAR were experiencing  issues with accuracy and stability of their existing solutions, putting at risk their ability to respond to a rescue situation reliably and quickly

  • OPSTAR were looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their operations and solidify the competitive advantage they have over competitors

  • They sought to consolidate their disparate systems into a cloud-based application, that surfaces all the relevant information quickly and reliably, giving OPSTAR the opportunity to scale their business

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  • As OPSTAR’s business is looking to scale in the future, but required the portal to be developed in a compressed period to support operations and customer acquisition, Solentive worked with the OPSTAR team to develop an initial Minimal Viable Product (MVP), that could be launched initially with a smaller outlay and built upon overtime to meet demanding needs

  • Solentive developed a hybrid-cloud/desktop/mobile portal, that consolidated multiple existing search and rescue applications, supporting the monitoring and tracking of aircraft and response vehicles, the collection and distribution of information, and post-incident investigations, and process improvements

  • The solution was built using .NET Core, .NET Windows Servers, Virtual Radar Server customisation, RabbitMQ, Windows Location Service, and took full advantage of the Azure Stack – Azure AD B2C, Azure SignalR, Azure Functions, Azure App Services and Azure Blob Storage/Queues


  • The new cloud-based solution PRIME, allows OPSTAR to accurately identify the location of planes when they are in a rescue situation

  • Manual processes are streamlined, enabling quicker response times

  • Better communication is enabled across the operational team

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