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Custom Software Development

Workflow automation allowed Optus to differentiate, improve their customer experience & increase productivity

"The development of the Boomerang system is one of the most strategic endeavors between Optus and Solentive during our relationship, which started in 2005. Through collaboration and innovation, we were able to make continuous enhancements to the system, always providing greater benefits to Optus’ customers."

Kareem Tawansi
Founder of Solentive Systems


  • Optus saw customers’ increased reliance on mobile devices as an opportunity to differentiate from their competitors

  • Optus could use smart technology to significantly improve their customer experience and over deliver on customer expectations through:

    • Streamlining the workflow process for faulty devices

    • Significantly reducing the turnaround time of repairs

    • Keeping customers informed through visibility tracking of the process

    • Providing customers with a temporary device during the repair process

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  • Solentive’s discovery process provided Optus with a platform to clearly define the right problem, workshop innovative ideas, gain customer feedback, and quickly prototype options to determine the best technology solution

  • The “Boomerang” solution automates the end-to-end reverse logistics process to make returns efficient via Optus’ unique supply chain, making it easy for customers to log & track their device repair or replacement

  • Integration with insurance and delivery partners including Samsung and Apple, removes friction from the process and significantly decreases the turnaround time

  • The solution utilises the Microsoft stack which ensures it is performant, scalable and reliable


  • Boomerang was rolled out to over 300 retail stores, dealers, and resellers nationwide

  • Staff and customers were empowered via accurate and more detailed information

  • Customer satisfaction increased due to improved tracking and visibility

  • Access to data and trends enabled improved troubleshooting and fault management

  • Optus achieved a Return on Investment of $4 for every $1 spent

  • Optus customers are guaranteed they will go no longer than 1 day without their device via the technology platform

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