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Premium China Funds
Dynamics 365

Maximising efficiency for PCF through Dynamics 365 (CRM)


  • Premium China Funds (PCF), a boutique funds management group, administered internal processes manually and via Excel spreadsheets, which was time consuming and allowed room for human error

  • They sought to automate these processes and increase efficiency; whilst mitigating the risks associated with manually handling data

  • They also wanted to increase the visibility of the sales process and activity, and wanted a responsive web-based application to do this

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  • Dynamics CRM was identified as the best system to consolidate and centralise PCF’s data

  • As a responsive, web-based application, it ensures maximum effectiveness of the sales time, and provides consistent and repeatable processes that ensure compliance

  • Adoption of the CRM by the Sales and Marketing teams, removes friction from the process and improves visibility and collaboration across the departments


  • The implementation of Dynamics CRM has streamlined the administrative processes used across PCF’s Sales and Marketing teams

  • This enables efficient prioritisation of activities, which in turn, maximises revenue opportunities and increases profitability

  • Visibility across sales and marketing activities is enhanced, which increases productivity, and the simplified, centralised system also improves user experience

  • The new CRM system enables PCF to optimise their customer relationships and improve overall customer experience

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