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Legacy Systems Upgrade

Promoting and contributing to the vision of a wasteless society through Legacy Systems Upgrade


  • Re.Group’s focus is providing high quality services for the recovery and recycling of resources from waste, and they wanted to encourage and promote this to the Australian market

  • They acquired an existing legacy custom system, that was used in Canada for beverage container recycling

  • Re.Group sought to remediate and enhance the system, localising it to the Australian market

  • The existing system had issues with outdated code, maintainability, performance, scalability, and required a UX upgrade

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  • Solentive completed a system review and audit of the existing solution, to identify significant risk areas and propose a new system architecture and remediation plan, that would meet Re.Group’s objectives

  • Solentive worked with Re.Group’s existing provider to quickly onboard and understand the existing solution so that local support could be provided

  • Integration recommendations were made, meaning the rewriting of the entire system was not necessary, which would save time and reduce costs

  • Improvements in UX, functionality and technical quality, resulted in an easy-to-use, robust and maintainable system being developed – “Return-It”


  • The container recycling program “Return-It” was piloted in the ACT with a view to rollout the program nationally

  • Re.Group have seen significant uptake of the solution in the ACT, and the ability to donate proceeds to charity has boosted recycling within the state

  • Organisational control and visibility have increased, and business performance has accelerated as a result of the program

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