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Schneider Electric
Customer Experience Design

The right Technology Strategy transformed the Clipsal brand into a quarter of a billion-dollar business through Custom Software Development

"Clipspec has been a real success. It has empowered our channel consultants to easily showcase Clipsal products to customers. This has resulted in increased upselling and in turn, increased sales through our market channels."

Anthony Locke
Marketing Systems Manager


  • The Clipsal brand initially envisioned an innovative online planning tool back in 2008

  • The challenge was to increase Clipsal’s engagement with their customers, to help better inform their lighting and electrical choices

  • Clipsal envisaged a tool that would empower Clipspec consultants to guide customers through the detailed electrical planning process, while ensuring adherence to safety standards and best practice

  • The tool was also identified as the way to enable consultants to up-sell better products to improve customer stickiness, engagement, satisfaction and driving revenue

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  • Developed using Microsoft frameworks for desktop & communications with a client-server architecture; this allowed Schneider to benefit from the security & scalability of the Microsoft stack

  • As competition increases and technology evolves, Solentive have continued to work with Schneider Electric to re-imagine the Clipspec solution

  • Schneider Electric’s next challenge is to scale the product to home automation, and encompass the home planning journey, to effectively compete for the total spend of projects

  • Solentive have recently worked with the Schneider Electric team through a Design Thinking process, to understand the evolving pain points of their customers through customer research; identify new needs; and then workshop, prototype, and test innovative and improved solutions, to ensure that Schneider’s Technology Strategy evolves with changing customer needs


  • The Clipsal brand was first to market with a visual CAD like application, that helps customers to plan their electrical choices on their floor plan

  • Now owned by Schneider Electric, the Clipsal team realised a significant increase to customer satisfaction & engagement

  • Sales increased from $12 million to a quarter of a billion dollars in 5 years

  • The use of innovative technology enabled Schneider Electric to get a competitive advantage that has remained in place for over 10 years

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