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We See Dragons
Software Testing

Seamless User Experience Australia-Wide for National Geographic App Users


  • We See Dragons (WSD) helps companies bring visionary digital products to the market. They work with some of the world’s largest and most respected brands, such as National Geographic, Sony and Johnson & Johnson

  • WSD partnered with National Geographic, to bring to market a mobile app to promote the National Geographic brand in Australia

  • WSD sought an Australian-based company to locally test their app across a range of devices, networks and operating systems

  • A stable, secure app with a seamless user experience for their Australian audience was critical for success

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  • Solentive conducted a complete system review, including the review of requirements, user stories and/or tasks in the context of the application

  • Testing was prioritised across a range of devices (across Android and iOS) and networks

  • Functional, Unit & Regression testing were completed to ensure behaviour of the app is consistent across devices and networks

  • Performance testing was conducted on different service providers and connection types (3G/4G/WIFI), including video playback and video downloads performance at various times of day

  • Rigorous testing was completed on Live-Streaming, Video Downloads and On-Demand services; including testing audio and video sync, player controls being shown and functional, and access to the videos only being available to individuals who have paid to stream them


  • A bug and defect-free application was deployed

  • Live-Streaming and On-Demand videos on the app perform at a very high quality

  • The first round of testing identified over 100 defects, that were able to be prioritised and corrected, to ensure a smooth release and increased customer satisfaction

  • Solentive partnered with WSD to provide suggestions and UX improvements for an improved user experience for the National Geographic app users in Australia

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Enhanced and strengthened the international relationship between We See Dragons and their partner network Optus and National Geographic

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