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Decisioning and Automation

Use business rules, data, predictive analytics, and machine learning to make better decisions and automate key processes

Data Analytics
and Insights

The rise of data analytics tools has completely transformed the way the world does business. You can now see in real-time, your data transform into interactive visualisations focusing on key metrics, that provide you with actionable business information. Data Analytics and business intelligence tools empower you to identify, analyse and examine raw data, and discover patterns and trends that will keep you one step ahead of your competition. Our data experts support you from strategy to delivery, and through dashboards and reports will enable you to make smarter and faster decisions, improve efficiency and collaboration, and increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning

We have seen technology evolve over time, and the advancements and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to business has created endless possibilities. At Solentive, we take a human-centered approach to understanding your business requirements, meaning we focus on the human perspectives of those we are designing for in our problem-solving process. We recommend AI and Machine Learning (ML) when it makes sense – when it will provide a more personalised human experience, streamline processes, or uncover insights that a human wouldn’t be able to. We want to take these insights and improve productivity, create new opportunities, and ultimately, empower better human decision making.


Implementing a Business Rules Management System empowers you to rapidly innovate and improve business outcomes – without code. For over 10 years, we have been the exclusive distributor of InRule in the Asia Pacific region, a world-renowned explainable, AI-powered intelligence automation system. The InRule Intelligence Automation Platform combines decisioning, machine learning and process automation, and it will revolutionise the way you define, deploy, execute, monitor, and maintain the various rules and complex business logic within your organisation. The right business rules management system will enable your team to be more efficient, make better decisions, predict more accurately, and perform at their highest standard.


Introducing workflows and automation empowers your team to reach their full potential. Using tools and solutions to manage and streamline tasks and activities, allows your workforce to become more productive by reducing their manual workloads, and increases capacity for them to focus on more essential, value-adding activities. Automation enables your organisation to meet maximum operational efficiency, whilst creating a more well-rounded work environment that prioritises employee and customer experience. With over 27 years of experience, we are well-equipped at Solentive to identify which of your existing processes can be automated, and we design, implement, and maintain solutions that help get work done faster, easier, and more consistently.

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