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Productivity and Cloud

Increase productivity, capacity, and employee experience via cloud-based, flexible, and secure modern work technologies

Modern Workplace

The traditional way of work has changed, and more and more organisations are moving to the Modern Workplace. The Modern Workplace is an operational setup, in which organisations embrace technology and tools to enhance the way they do business. The increase in remote and hybrid work environments has solidified the need for the modern workplace, as we now expect to work securely from anywhere, on any device. At Solentive, we have moved to the Modern Workplace ourselves, so can first-hand appreciate the benefits it offers. Moving to the modern workplace provides seamless communication and collaboration, increase productivity and satisfaction, and improves security across your systems and data.

Cloud Services
and Computing

Moving to the cloud can save you money, drive new business and establish the foundation for digital transformation. Our cloud services include consulting, strategy design, optimisation, migration, integration, security management and hosting. Our Cloud Infrastructure Consultants work with you to identify areas to improve performance and security and develop a roadmap so you can continue to provide an enhanced experience to your users. Our holistic approach ensures you will find the right solution, and that your move to the cloud will be a smooth one.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Are you looking to offer your customers a superior experience? Do you want to streamline and automate processes for your internal teams? Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers you to do just that, by increasing operational efficiency and removing unnecessary complexities. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables your workforce to see customer and client information in real time, allowing for a more tailored and personalised customer experience.

SharePoint Consulting & Development

Working remotely is now considered the new normal, and in recent years we have seen a huge increase in the number of organisations offering a hybrid working environment. This has highlighted the importance of seamless collaboration, to ensure business operations and processes are not hindered by the change. Using advanced technologies and tools such as SharePoint, the work remotely concept has grown from strength to strength. We have proven success of implementing SharePoint into organisations, empowering their teams to communicate without issues. SharePoint offers a robust, highly flexible, and secure centralised system for your workforce to connect seamlessly and efficiently.

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