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Use Cases for Decision Automation

In an era defined by dynamic consumer expectations and evolving business landscapes, the ability to make informed decisions swiftly and accurately is a pivotal factor for success. Enter the realm of decision automation, where innovative technologies like InRule's Intelligence Automation Platform revolutionise various aspects of business operations. 


This article delves into the diverse applications of decision automation across critical business scenarios. From optimising sales cycles and enhancing customer experiences, to streamlining eligibility determinations and transforming data management, decision automation emerges as a transformative force driving efficiency, accuracy, and agility. 


As we navigate through each use case, we will highlight the tangible benefits and practical implementations, showcasing how decision automation isn't just a technological advancement, but a strategic imperative for businesses aiming to thrive in the modern landscape.  


Optimise Your Sales Cycle with Decision Automation for CPQ 


In today's market, customisation is key across nearly all products consumers purchase, from vehicles, to electronics, to travel packages. Buyers demand the ability to tailor their purchases without enduring prolonged delays to understand the financial implications of their choices. InRule's Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) applications provide a solution that empowers sellers to determine the cost of goods or services swiftly and precisely. The beauty lies in its adaptability to a constantly changing array of variables, eliminating the need for intricate coding. 



Embrace Personalisation – No More One-Size-Fits-All: Modern consumers anticipate personalised options for their purchases, with a notable percentage willing to pay extra for tailor-made products. InRule simplifies CPQ and dynamic pricing management, ensuring your business delivers the perfect product at the right price for every customer. 


Create an Engaging Customer Experience: Utilise business rules to guide customers seamlessly through various options, streamlining the decision-making process which will enhance their overall experience. 


Boost Sales with Intelligent Recommendations: Leverage machine learning and decision-making capabilities to identify upsell opportunities. Provide customers with pairings and complementary options based on their previous selections, encouraging them to explore additional offerings they might not have previously considered. 


Empower Business Users for Agile Promotions: Grant autonomy to those closest to the customer by enabling them to influence pricing and configuration logic based on market trends. This not only reduces IT backlog but also minimises change cycles, allowing your business to stay responsive to consumer needs. 

Streamline Survey Experiences for Maximum Engagement 


In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, subjecting customers to irrelevant or unnecessary survey questions can lead to a displeasing experience, potentially resulting in survey abandonment and customer frustration. InRule offers a solution by simplifying the creation of dynamic surveys and questionnaires driven by data and logic, delivering a personalised user experience that seamlessly and effortlessly gathers essential information. 



Enhance Engagement & Optimise Data Collection: Dynamic surveys powered by InRule ensure that each respondent encounters only the most pertinent questions. This strategic approach reduces abandonment rates and elevates the quality of collected data. 


Empower Business Users for Logic Management: InRule empowers business users to handle intricate logic using familiar business language and enables them to test surveys independently, to ensure seamless logic flow without requiring developer support. 


Integrate Seamlessly with CRM for Targeted Surveys: By incorporating only questions relevant to CRM fields not already populated within the system, InRule helps minimise survey duration, preventing question overload and ensuring a more focused and efficient data collection process. 


Simplify Eligibility Assessment Using InRule 


Whether assessing eligibility for insurance coverage or various financial products like mortgages, intricate decision logic and workflows often govern the determination process. The InRule® Intelligence Automation Platform empowers organisations to effortlessly establish, tailor, and automate programs aligning with regulations, policies, and desired business outcomes. 



Expedite Qualification, Validation and Benefit Distribution: An eligibility system powered by InRule efficiently qualifies applicants, verifies their identification, and assesses benefit eligibility. This streamlined approach enhances operational efficiency by reducing the costs associated with benefit distribution, improving accuracy, and elevating the overall quality of service provided by administering agencies. 


Simplify Qualification Processes and Application Management: The InRule® Intelligence Automation Platform enables organisations and agencies to effortlessly design dynamic questionnaires and self-service portals. These tools prove invaluable for lenders or insurance organisations seeking to register and qualify families and individuals seamlessly. 


Precisely Determine Program Eligibility with Ease: InRule empowers business users and subject matter experts to swiftly create decision logic that accurately determines eligibility for families and individuals, whether for benefits, service programs, loans, or insurance coverage. This user-friendly system facilitates quick updates to decision logic in response to changing regulations. 

Automate Notification and Benefit Distribution: The eligibility determination process can be lengthy, but with InRule, users can establish workflows that seamlessly guide the process from step to step. Instant notifications and automated benefit distribution further streamline the entire process, ensuring a more efficient and responsive experience. 


Optimise Your ETL Solution with InRule 


Refine, enrich, and gain deeper insights into the flow of your vital data within your pipeline. InRule proves invaluable in augmenting ETL solutions to address practical challenges in areas such as loan origination, insurance rating, and eligibility determinations. 


Utilise Data for Customer Acquisition and Revenue Growth: The presence of unstructured data scattered across diverse sources can lead to confusion, operational slowdowns, and missed opportunities for customer acquisition and revenue growth. By harnessing the capabilities of the InRule® Intelligence Automation Platform, users can effortlessly and swiftly extract, transform, and load data into any required application or warehouse. This empowers businesses to capitalise on market conditions and better cater to customer needs. 


Seamless Data Extraction from Diverse Sources: Leverage InRule's robust native integrations or REST services to extract data from one or multiple sources, consolidating it in a centralised location accessible to users across the organisation. 


Transform and Enrich Your Data: The InRule® Intelligence Automation Platform takes the spotlight during the transformation phase, enabling organisations to standardise unstructured data sets and enrich them with missing data points. This ensures organisations derive optimal value from their data assets. 


Flexible Storage for Centralised Data: InRule provides users with the flexibility to collect data and store it wherever needed, even if there's limited time or capability for immediate transformation and structuring. This facilitates instant access to information when required. InRule centralises all data into a repository, fostering complete transparency and traceability across the entire organisation. 


Streamline Insurance Complexity with InRule 


Harness the capabilities of intelligent automation through InRule, to swiftly introduce new products to the market and adeptly manage intricate logic that evolves with changing regulations, ensuring compliance and competitiveness in today's dynamic market. 


Empower Experts to Automate Rating and Underwriting: The InRule® Intelligence Automation Platform empowers policy experts to autonomously craft and automate decision-making processes that drive rating and underwriting applications, without IT invention. By enabling policy experts to oversee the rules and processes critical to business operations, organisations can enhance speed and efficiency, resulting in increased policy issuance and revenue. 


Create a Unified Source of Truth for Transparency: Centralise decision logic, processes, and machine learning models within a singular repository to keep the organisation abreast of the latest changes or updates. This approach establishes a single source of truth across the company, fostering transparency and clarity. 


Accelerate Time to Market: Effortlessly build and modify applications using user-friendly business rule and process editors, ensuring rapid deployment, and reducing time to market for new insurance products. 


Enhance Risk Prediction and Explanation: Leverage machine learning models to pinpoint high-risk profiles, forecast optimal products and premiums, and elucidate contributing factors. Similarly, identify and predict the likelihood of customer churn for each policyholder. 


Seamless Integration with Existing Systems: Maximise the utility of current technology investments with InRule's effortless integrations. Whether it's your preferred CRM, such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, or a policy management system, InRule offers an array of native integrations, APIs, and web service calls. 


Enhance Customer Loyalty and Delight with Speed 


Simplify the management of loyalty programs using the InRule® Intelligence Automation Platform, capturing, refining, and amplifying customer intent. By harnessing the automation capabilities for decisions, processes, and machine learning, companies can expedite loyalty growth and reward customers more efficiently. 


Reap Rewards, Achieve Business Success: Elevate the customer experience by crafting unique and personalised loyalty programs for each customer. Through machine learning algorithms, gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences, buying habits, and past behaviours. Utilising data-backed predictions, organisations can offer enhanced experiences and incentives that foster customer loyalty. 


Tailor Pricing and Offers for Customers: Design promotions based on individual buying behaviours, employing dynamic pricing driven by decision logic rather than manual processes. Automate the delivery of targeted, personalised messages containing offers and upgrades to boost both revenue and customer loyalty. 


Effortlessly Manage Member Benefits: Streamline the administration of customer loyalty and member benefit points using automated business rules and processes. Calculate, determine, and distribute rewards seamlessly to enhance the overall customer experience. 


Boost Sales Through Intelligent Recommendations: Anticipate customer desires and preferences in real-time with sub-second recommendations fuelled by machine learning and decisioning. Tap into these opportunities to drive upsells and continually enhance the customer experience. 


Enhance Predictions for Customer Retention: Utilise insights from machine learning to better grasp the likelihood of customer churn. Identify opportunities to improve retention chances, ultimately working towards keeping customers engaged and satisfied. 


In conclusion, the applications of decision automation, are transformative forces shaping the modern business landscape. This article has explored diverse use cases, demonstrating how decision automation drives efficiency, accuracy, and agility across critical business scenarios. 


As businesses continue to navigate through the complexities of evolving consumer expectations and rapidly changing landscapes, decision automation remains a powerful ally. It not only addresses current challenges but unlocks new possibilities and efficiencies, paving the way for a future where businesses can adapt, innovate, and thrive. So, with the insights gained from this exploration of decision automation, businesses are encouraged to embrace its potential and harness its capabilities for sustained success in the ever-evolving digital era. 


Contact Solentive today to discuss how decision automation can transform your business.  


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