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Is It Time to Automate Your Decisions?

The question isn't if organisations should leverage AI-powered decisioning, but rather when they should. With a 421% customer return on investment (according to the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study), it is clear that inaction comes at a cost. But automating human-driven decisions isn't a light switch. So, when is the right time to take the plunge?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do human interventions slow things down?

Automation speeds up processes and ensures consistent rule execution. However, complex or unusual decisions require flexibility, and that is where a no-code decisioning platform like InRule comes in. InRule offers robust exception handling and enables authors to easily divert outlier cases to experts for the final say.

2. Are human decisions hindering your growth?

If slow decision-making is stifling sales and productivity, AI might be your saviour. The demand for instant gratification from consumers is relentless, and lost opportunities add up. Don't let human limitations hold you back.

3. Are legal and regulatory challenges a nightmare?

For industries such as insurance, healthcare, and government, compliance is non-negotiable. Automated decisioning platforms equipped with explainability and transparency features, handle reporting and compliance across all jurisdictions.

4. Is fraud eating into your profits?

AI isn't a cure-all, but machine learning-powered decisioning can significantly reduce fraud. It functions like casting a tighter net, catching suspicious activity before it hurts your bottom line.

5. Are your competitors already automating?

In business, the early bird gets the worm. While being the first to automate isn't a guaranteed success, it certainly improves your odds. Conversely, falling behind in automation can seriously hamper your success and long-term viability.

InRule pioneered no-code decisioning. Today, the platform empowers lenders, insurers, government agencies, and more to make smarter, faster decisions.

Ready to see what human-centered automation can do for you? Let's talk.


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