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AI Services

Harness the Power of Generative AI:
No Matter where you are on the Journey

Focus on Results,
Not Just Possibilities

Our human-centered approach to AI ensures results are top priority. Through continuous learning and iteration, our innovative AI solutions drive real outcomes.
We don't just talk potential, we make AI work for your business.

AI is transforming businesses.
Our clients are experiencing growth and optimisation after AI implementations.

The impact of AI on our clients' businesses:


Improved Efficiency

AI automates administrative tasks, saving businesses time and boosting productivity by 30%.

Increased Revenue

Companies are seeing a revenue boost of 15% on average by implementing AI-powered customer service.

Data-Driven Decisions

AI empowers businesses to analyse vast amounts of data, leading to a deeper understanding of customer preferences and export markets.

Optimising workflows

Streamlining workflows through automation translates to reduced operational costs for businesses by an average of 25%.

Every company can begin its
AI transformation journey

Our AI implementation plan is designed to empower businesses of all stages to leverage the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence. Whether you're just starting to explore AI or already have some experience, our team of  AI experts is here to guide you.

Get Started

Productivity & Collaboration accelerated with Copilot
for Microsoft 365

Business benefits

  • Automate tasks to improve productivity and work faster.

  • Have a conversation with your data to get real time insights.

  • Improve collaboration across the business by leveraging data across Office, Teams, CRM and more.

Key features

  • Copilot unlocks Microsoft 365 knowledge & history.

  • Copilot answers staff queries by distilling extensive information.

  • Assists staff in creating emails, documents, and presentations for workforce acceleration.

  • Emphasises best practice workflow and data management.



Copilot for Microsoft 365 enriched with Organisation data beyond Microsoft 365

Business benefits

  • Enhance your automation & productivity across the entire digital journey.

  • With a broader data set get deeper and more accurate insights.

Key features

  • Further enrich Copilots capabilities via integration with other systems and data.

  • Unlock knowledge and history in your product catalogues, financial systems, custom solutions and more.


Untitled design (13).png

Unique Insights revealed with Predictive AII

Business benefits

  • Use your data from the past to make explainable predictive insights.

  • Use predictive insights to make improved future-oriented decisions.

  • Gain a faster, more accurate road to continuous improvement.

Key features

  • Use your data & machine learning to uncover patterns & predictions for better decision making.

  • Machine Learning can uncover unknown insights and answer key questions where there is a large amount of data.


Unique App & Platform Experiences reimagined with Generative AI

Business benefits

  • For unique apps & platforms, tailor interactions with your customers via a more natural conversational paradigm.

  • Eliminate work for your customers via automation, inferring data and personalising the journey.

  • Reduce the need for traditional interfaces and online forms.

Key features

  • AI can answer questions, collate & infer data, meaning less work for users and more automation.

  • AI can naturally adapt the conversation to users’ styles, enhancing your personalisation needs.

Image by Carlos Muza

By the end of the AI assessment, you should have a clearer understanding of how AI can benefit your business, along with a personalised next steps plan for successful implementation and approximate project cost.

See How AI Can Transform Your Business: Schedule an AI Assessment

  • Business Needs Analysis:  This initial stage involves questions or discussions to understand your company's specific goals, challenges, and current operations.

  • Understanding your industry and current processes: This helps identify areas where AI could have the biggest impact.

  • Matching your needs with AI solutions: Experts will identify specific AI applications that align with your business goals.

  • Cost-benefit analysis: Exploring the potential return on investment (ROI) for implementing AI solutions.

Unlock the power of AI for your company, regardless of your current AI experience

The future of work is here, and it is AI-powered. We help you navigate this exciting landscape, from crafting a winning AI strategy to seamlessly integrating it with your existing systems. 

Don't fall behind your competition. Get started today and see real results.

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Understanding AI for Business Needs

  • AI Assessment

  • Discovery 

  • Prototype

  • Pilot project


Unlocking Business Potential with AI

  • Customer Journey Automation

  • Productivity and Business Enablement

  • Data Automation

  • Improved Workflows

  • AI Decisioning

  • Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

  • Process Automation


AI Solutions Development and Integration


Proactive AI Project Enhancements

  • Microsoft 365 for Business​

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 

  • Microsoft Copilot

  • Microsoft Power Platform

  • Microsoft Fabric

  • Azure AI Services

  • Power BI

Our AI solutions go beyond human-centered design. We power them with the latest technical stack for unmatched performance and results. 
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Using the power of AI to tackle time-critical processes and increase productivity



Boosting time efficiency 







Offering everything you need to succeed with AI

Why Solentive?

With over 30 years of experience in digital transformation strategy, AI, design, software development, and managed services, we are a trusted partner for all the technology needs of large enterprises and mid-market companies in the APAC region.


Clients trust us because we offer a unique combination of: 

  • Experienced AI Consultants and Developers: Our team combines real-world experience with cutting-edge knowledge to deliver practical solutions.

  • Independent, Data-Driven Assessments: We avoid bias and focus on what truly benefits your business.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We strive to find the best fit for our clients needs and budget, ensuring the most impactful use of technology.

Solentive's working approach is designed to deliver exceptional results

Our unique process focuses on human-centered design, cutting-edge technology, and continuous improvement. We'll work closely with you to understand your specific needs, recommend the best solutions, and ensure a smooth implementation
that delivers real results.

AI Assessment

Project Vision

Interactive Development

Quality Assurance Testing (QAT)

Collaborative Development with Continuous Feedback

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)​

AI specialists will assess your company's needs and goals to recommend the most effective AI solution for maximising impact and ROI.

By understanding your needs through a collaborative visioning process, the Solentive team will document future AI solution requirements and craft a customised roadmap
to empower your goals.

Our interactive development process, featuring client portal access, progress tracking, and weekly reporting, empowers seamless AI solution creation and integration alongside high-quality project management.

Through rigorous, independent QAT completed after each cycle, we ensure your AI solution functions exactly as designed.

We conduct iterative preview releases at the end of each sprint, enabling you to provide continuous feedback and guide internal adjustments to meet your expectations.

A dedicated UAT period empowers you to validate the solution's functionality and ensure it aligns with your needs.

Image by Lukas Blazek

Digital Transformation Strategy

Identify, plan and execute against the right digital opportunities with a fit-for-purpose Digital Strategy personalised to your business.

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Solentive Expertise

As an AI Digital Transformation Consultancy, we have been helping clients identify digital opportunities, navigate technology choice & choose the right software. 

Business Meeting


Discover the latest AI innovations and their potential to improve business efficiency and cost optimisation.

Professional Man Holding a Tablet

Our clients stories

Explore completed industry projects and their results to gain actionable insights for your business.

A 5-minute conversation with our AI experts can save you hours of research

Simply leave a request, and we'll find the solution you need
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