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Decisioning - A Digital Maturity Journey


The next generation of decision platforms is here. InRule has dramatically evolved, and has recently launched some fantastic new components, with improved features and innovative offerings, utilising explainable AI. Delight customers and improve business outcomes, by combining decisioning, machine-learning and automation, without code.

InRule is designed to help you make better decisions more easily. How does it do that? It empowers you to make better, data-driven decisions, through automation and explainable AI. Automation is viewed as the “standard” and as an essential part of systems and business support, is the baseline of the InRule offering. InRule takes intuition out of decisions and gives you the facts; meaning you get better outcomes in a more meaningful and structured way.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a trend that has been making waves in the tech industry for a few years now, and it is only going to become more indispensable as time goes on. With explainable AI, InRule provides you with practical, tangible information that you can use to understand and improve your decisioning.

It’s all about digital maturity. Where is your company on the journey? The benefit of a tool such as InRule is that it’s added features and benefits means that it is a tool that can grow with your business as it evolves.


InRule is not just a Rules Engine. It is a Decision Platform supported by metrics; providing you with invaluable insights and analytics to help you make better, data-driven decisions. InRule enables the subject matter experts, who understand how decisions are made to write rules in a natural language, all without code. It empowers your users and reduces the reliance on external teams.

Process Automation:

Connect your systems, people, and workflows through automation, and eliminate repetitive, manual processes, whilst boosting productivity. Empower your team to spend time on the stuff that really matters, like building excellent customer relationships and delivering on expectations. Make decisions faster, using measurable insights and metrics.

Machine Learning:

With explainable AI, you can use the data from past decisions and workflows to train AI to make explainable predictions of decision outcomes. This gives you greater control, flexibility and increases trust. Decisions are made based on data, reducing bias and inconsistency. No matter where you are on your digital maturity journey, an explainable, AI-powered, intelligence automation system will benefit your organisation immensely. We have outlined the key steps in a decisions journey below.

The steps in a Decisions Journey:

  • Step 1. Make sure the right people are making your decisions. Don’t rely on your coders to write labour intensive rules in code. Get your key employees writing rules in a decision platform, without code.

  • Step 2. Find out if you are making the right decisions. Measure your success with metrics and quantify the outcomes. Use charts and visualisations to understand how your decisions are being made. Analytics and insights enable you to truly understand what is happening in your business and in the real world. Have you written the right rules? Are you getting the right outcomes? AI can’t work unless you have the right data

  • Step 3. Make decisions faster, and in a more frictionless way. Master the art of decisioning and writing rules; use decisioning more, and in more various apps. Once you’ve got a handle on it, take the next step, and introduce workflow and automation

  • Step 4. Predict what the outcomes from your decisions will be. Use AI to augment and help you make your decisions. It is not yet making the decisions for you, it is making predictions of outcomes

  • Step 5. Take the leap! Know that you are making the right decisions every single time, and that they are happening quickly and smoothy. Trust the AI predictions to determine your decisions. This will take time, and it is important to have explainable AI supporting your decisions while you are still in control. The results you see will inform you of how to make those decisions better

No matter where you are on your digital maturity journey, Solentive is here to help you.

  • Are you looking to implement a mature decision platform with all the added features and benefits?

  • Perhaps you have an existing decision platform, but you want to introduce process automation?

  • Would you like to harness the benefits of explainable AI for your business?

Our InRule experts can assist you in delighting your customers and improving business outcomes. The future of decisions is here, and Solentive will support you every step of the way. If you would like to find out more about how Solentive can help you on your digital journey, reach out to us for an introductory call to see how we can help you.


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