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Solentive Unveils InRule SaaS Portal, Empowering Businesses with Streamlined Decision Automation and New Generative AI Capabilities

Solentive, an Australian consultancy specialising in digital transformation and AI automation, announced the launch of a new SaaS version of InRule's AI Decisioning Platform.  As the exclusive APAC distributor, Solentive is excited to bring a new roadmap including Data & Insights, Process Automation and Machine Learning to market in Australia, enabling enterprise businesses to transform the way they manage complex rules and business logic.


The InRule AI Decisioning platform provides a business rules management system for automating decision logic within applications. The InRule platform allows organisations to define, manage, and automate business rules without requiring extensive coding or IT intervention.

The InRule SaaS Portal introduces a user-centric experience, offering access to additional features and modules through a single, intuitive URL. This innovation eliminates the need for navigating multiple locations, and streamlines account management, configuration modifications, and resource provisioning. With a focus on user experience, the platform provides step-by-step assistance and an intelligent self-help feature.


Introducing Alfie, InRule’s New AI Assistant

A standout feature is the introduction of Alfie, the generative AI assistant. Alfie simplifies rule and workflow authoring, freeing users from tedious tasks and enabling them to concentrate on strategic initiatives. This marks the beginning of a transformative era, where users interact with InRule products through natural language, automating capabilities at the speed of thought.

Introducing Alfie, InRule’s New AI Assistant


Solentive also unveils significant generative AI capabilities within Author Studio, InRule's web-based decision authoring experience. These capabilities include streamlined deployment of automated decisions, leveraging responses from generative AI models, resulting in up to an 80% reduction in time spent creating and updating rules.  Notably, a Forrester Consulting study highlights InRule's AI decisioning platform achieving 421% ROI, a net present value of $6.03 million over three years, and a payback period of under 6 months.


“The InRule SaaS Solution marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to cutting-edge solutions. This game-changer empowers users with unmatched decision automation control and efficiency, setting a new bar for businesses,”- said Rebecca Swinfield, CEO of Solentive.  "Building on successful partnerships in Australia, we believe InRule can transform operations by boosting business agility and efficiency. Our AI decisioning solutions empower organisations to reduce costs, accelerate change, optimise decisions, and gain a competitive edge – crucial factors in today's digital landscape.”


Solentive has been the exclusive distributor of InRule in APAC for over 15 years, building a team of InRule specialists. The platform combines three no-code automation capabilities: decisioning, machine learning, and process automation. Clients include sectors of the Australian Government, major banks and insurers,  and four of the top five health insurance companies in Australia.

The InRule SaaS Portal is a testament to InRule's continuous innovation, bringing all decisions and processes into one location, standardising rules across businesses for easy visibility, accountability, alignment, and reuse.



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